1. Tees to be chosen by Tour Director.  Seniors & Ladies may play their designated tee box
2. All Putts must be holed out (NO GIMMIES)
3. Each group must keep 2 scorecards and upon completion of the round double check all scores
4. Golfers must mark their ball and notify playing partners of their markings prior to the round, after losing a ball or changing their ball on the tee box
5. All gps, range finders & phones may be used during game play
6. All golfers will need a USGA GHIN to compete >> Purchase <<

1. Preferred lies always in Fairways
2. Preferred lies in Bunkers will be a day of decision
3. Max Score of +5 on any given hole
4. OB White Stakes will be played as MANDATORY 1-stroke penalty Lateral Hazards - The golfer may NOT hit the ball if found.  Golfer must take a 1-stroke penalty and take their drop according to Red Stake Rules (see link below for examples)
** This rule is put into place for Pace of Play as well as not every golfer getting a chance to know a course**
4a. If there are no stakes a player must play a Provisional Ball if their ball may be lost, when in doubt play a Provisional
5. Relief from the Cart Path may be taken on either side
6. Ground Under Repair not marked - Please use common sense and get a group consensus if free relief should be granted - if there is a disagreement please take a picture of the area and play 2 balls (one as it lies & one with a free drop) Relief is one club length no closer to the hole.  You may also choose to play it as it lies - See Abnormal Course Condition below
7. Extended Cart Path free relief - An extension of the cart path where carts have worn the turf into an unlikely playable surface.  This rule should be a handled in the same manner as Rule 6 above.  See Abnormal Course Condition below

Abnormal Course Condition 
Unplayable Ball Rule
Red & Yellow Stakes
**Note: The 2 club length drop is not an option for Yellow Staked areas.  See video link above.

All other USGA Rules apply

1. A Team can consist of 4 to 7 players
    a. The 5th, 6th & 7th golfer do not need to be deemed on your team immediately but once a golfer players for your team they are now on your team for good
2. In the event a Team has more than 4 players choosing to play in the event the Captain will deem which 4 players will count for the Team Quota Format prior to the event starting *Additional Fees will apply for any golfers over 4*
3. A golfer must play in 3 of 6 Regular Season Events to be eligible for Playoffs
4. If a Team cannot field 4 golfers, that Team will adopt the worst Quota score in the field that day as a penalty per golfer missing
1. An individual must play in at least 3 events to be eligible for finals