Lake Winnipesaukee Local Rules for May 21st.
1. Ground Under Repair: French drains, wheel ruts, newly seeded areas through the green, and aeration holes
are deemed ground under repair even if unmarked. Relief from staked trees only if they affect swing or
stance. Any winter kill areas in fairway are considered GUR. Newly sodded areas shall be played as ground
under repair (Definitions). The left side of Hole #12 by the green is considered GUR (new tree work).
2. Road behind #12 green is OB, with the inside of the road defining the Out of Bounds. (Rule 18.2) - FN3P OB Rule still applies as a Mandatory Lateral Penalty for 1 Stroke.
3. Bunkers Containing Large Rocks & Stacked Stonewalls Adjacent to Penalty Areas: The course side
edge of the rocks and stonewalls define the margin of the penalty area. A ball on or touching these rocks or
stonewalls is deemed to lie in the penalty area.

1. Tees to be chosen by Tour Director.  Seniors & Ladies will be designated if necessary
2. All Putts must be holed out (NO GIMMIES)
3. The FN3P TOUR Scorecard will be the Official Scorecard - It is on each player to double check their score before the scorecard is handed in
4. Please mark your ball accordingly and indicate markings to playing partners
5. All GPS, Range Finders (with Slope) & phones may be used during game play
6. All golfers will need a USGA GHIN to compete
7. Preferred lies in your own Fairway, always
8. Bunkers will be played as is unless deemed rake and place by Tour Director
9. Max Score of +5 on any given hole
10. OB White Stakes will be played as MANDATORY 1-stroke penalty Lateral Hazard - The golfer may NOT hit the ball if found.  Golfer must take a 1-stroke penalty and follow the Red Stake Rules (minus the option of playing it as it lies)
** This rule is put into place for Pace of Play as well as not every golfer getting a chance to play practice rounds, etc.
11. Relief from the Cart Path may be taken on either side - Extended Cart Path Rule can apply with Group Consensus
12.  Ground Under Repair not marked - Please use common sense and get a Group Consensus if free relief should be granted - if there is a disagreement, please take a picture of the area, take a drop and the Tour Director will make a final decision after the round. Relief is one club length no closer to the hole.  You may also choose to play it as it lies always if there is a disagreement, we would suggest this as the best option. See Abnormal Course Condition below
13. Extended Cart Path free relief - An extension of the cart path where carts have worn the turf into an unlikely playable surface.  This rule should be a handled in the same manner as Rule 6 above.  See Abnormal Course Condition below
14. Defined woods/brush etc. can be played as a Lateral Hazard with a Group Consensus.  This rule is in place due to courses marking their course poorly but please understand it is not there to take advantage.  Generally if your ball goes into the trees but the ground is cleared in and around those trees there is no defined woods.  If tee shots are in question it is always good to play a provisional.

Abnormal Course Condition 
Unplayable Ball Rule
Penalty Area Rules

All other USGA Rules apply